My name is Andrij Pilkiw and this is a site detailing some of my work.
Here is a copy of my resume.

Lighting Demo

  • Procedurally generated height map terrain
  • Multiple animated dynamic colored light sources
  • Unified lighting model: multiple dynamic per-pixel cast shadows with self shadowing for all objects in the world
  • Day night cycle: the sun casts correct shadows on land, water and objects
  • Water with freznel based reflection/refractions show reflections correctly based on angle of view
  • Dynamic waves based on octives perlin noise provide natural non repeating animations
  • Written in C using OpenGL as the graphics interface and GLSL as the vertex and fragment shading language
  • Custom importer compiles VRML, Targa and font file into a unified .bin file

Please note that the system requirements for this are VERY steep. This was tested on a 2.0GHz AMD with 2G of RAM and a 512M ASUS GeForce 8800GT. Lighting Demo

Back to the Bay

  • 3D open world 360 degree shooter
  • Procedurally generated height map terrain and textures
  • Dynamic colored lighting, shadows and reflection
  • Complex AI enemies - scouts call to other units
  • Hundreds of bullets on screen at one time
  • Day/night cycle
  • Hardware accelerated and coded in C
  • Defend your base from attack
  • Imports VRML and Targa files for game assets

Requires a 3D video card. Back to the Bay demo

I Hate Bugs !!!

  • Bug vs. bug deathmatch game
  • Software 3D engine
  • Pseudo Phong highlighting
  • Dynamic colored indexed lighting
  • Client Server networked multi-player
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Coded in C and assembly
  • Custom font engine, level generator and targa converter
  • Supports over 64 players at a time

Requires at least a Pentium of some sort. bugs demo

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